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Autosounds of Lincoln


Whether there is a luxury you need or you are just driving by, meet your private salesmen, personal installers, and new friends today! Come into our home away from home; experience a motion picture of brilliance that becomes life before your eyes, and find that you can do more than hear the music you are surrounded with... you can finally listen. 

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  • Jake was super helpful! He was thorough, VERY knowledgeable, and his customer service was impeccable. I had done a lot of research and had a lot of questions and he took his time and answered me thoroughly, ultimately guiding me in the right direction. Jake actually knew more than the manufacturer’s technical support (and other authorized dealers) on one of my questions and it actually made a difference on what product I purchased. Thanks for all the help!
    — David
  • 5 STARS ***** Went to Best Buy first, Justin trashed my car, did not install my new Kenwood system correctly, was rude, and drilled a hole into my bumper for the camera. Long story short, I had them remove everything and give me a refund. I drive to AutoSounds from BB and talked to Shayne. He was the complete opposite of Justin at BB and made me feel like a real customer. The same Kenwood system was $200 less and installed with a Mic, USB port, Plate Camera, Handsfree button, and covered the hole in my bumper (he said they would have never drilled a hole in my bumper). This is a real small business and treats it’s clients like people. I am sorry I ever went to BB and AutoSounds has a new customer for life. I do not know how anyone could give these guys a bad review. I owe my own business called The Computer Magician and I can say that AutoSounds of Lincoln treats their clients the way we try to treat ours. Do yourself a favor and go to a professional to get the job done right the first time. I’ve been a Lincoln business owner for 20 years and I love to find local businesses like these guys. I just never thought to look for a installer besides BB. BB is the fast food of electronics, I should have known better. A big thank you to Shayne Baldwin at AtuoSounds of Lincoln
    — Luis V.
  • I had a great experience with Shayne. I got a few quotes about my car audio but Shayne was the most truthful. Very professional and know what they are doing. Gave me a detail breakdown of all the cost involved, nothing inflated. Drove me home and back while my car was being worked on. Provided me with the right setup for my car, not what’s popular. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for auto work. Thanks guys!
    — Michael L.
  • I went to Autosounds to have an iPhone auxiliary port added to my vehicle. Shayne went over my options with me and I chose to go with factory part route. I was anxious about using an after-market product and felt more comfortable with a factory product. When it came time to do the install, the factory part wasn’t going to work but Shayne couldn’t get a hold of me to discuss the options. He told me later that he just thought of the vehicle as if it were his own and installed the after-market product. I was nervous to see how it had turned out, but I couldn’t be happier. Shayne was able to integrate the product flawlessly - it looks like it’s always been there and I’m thrilled with the performance and the fantastic service of Shayne and Autosounds.
    — Krista

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